The following documentation is needed to purchase a property in Portugal:

Passport or a Portuguese ID document
You will need to provide your lawyer with copies of your passport or ID card. This is required for each individual person or company involved with the purchase.

FISCAL NUMBER -Número de contribuinte (NIF)
Anyone wishing to purchase a property in Portugal is required to obtain a Fiscal Number from the "FINANÇAS" (Tax Department).

Our Recommended lawyer can apply and obtain your fiscal Card

The Vendor requires to provide the following documents:

Tax/financial Registration of the property- Caderneta predial
This document is issued by the "FINANÇAS" (Tax Department) and shows the financial registration of the property and the rates and taxes payable for this property to the local council. In the case of a rural property the "Caderneta Rústica" is also required.

Property registration certificate - land registry- Registo Predial 
Shows who the registered owner of a property is and if there are any outstanding loans/mortgages on the property, as well as details of the property like constructed area, plot size etc. Obtainable from the "Conservatoria do Registo Predial" (Land registry Office ).

Habitation/construction license required for properties built after 1951- Licença de utilização ou construção
Issued by the "Câmara Municipal" (Town Hall) and shows that the property has been built according to the approved plans and for the purpose of habitation. No property can be sold without it.

Property Technical file - Ficha técnica
This document is provided by the "Construtor" (Developer/Builder) and is the detailed file for the construction of the property, suppliers, materials used and all the technical data of the construction process.

Energy certificate
As per the new law, all properties being sold have to have their own energy certificate.

The following documents have to be completed as part of the sale.

Promissory Contract of purchase and sale- Contrato de Promessa de compra e venda  

Final deed - Escritura  Publica

Registration, taxes and legal fees

The property needs to be registered at the local land registry office Conservatoria do Registo, in the name of the new owner. This can be done with the copy of the deed and will be implemented by your lawyer.

Taxes & legal fees
The property transfer tax (IMI) depends on the declared value of the property.
There is a sliding scale from EUR 92'000.00 (0%) to EUR 550'000.00 and more (6%).
The legal fees for the notary and land registry are also based on the value. All taxes and legal fees are paid by the buyer.